Katherine Pemberton

After raising her two children Katherine Pemberton specialized in one-on-one customer service in the fields of health and fitness and personal care. She spent nearly ten years as a personal trainer, getting to know her clients and helping them achieve the life changes they desired through fitness, diet and healthier life choices.

After moving to the USA from Quebec in 2014, Katherine changed careers. She became a caregiver working primarily with the elderly in residential and community-based settings. Katherine has excelled by applying her professional experience and adapting her skills to the needs of her clients.

Katherine’s greatest happiness comes from knowing she is loved by her clients as much as she loves them. She prides herself on anticipating the needs of each client by beginning the task, chore or want before it is verbalized. As she says, “To me, the greatest feeling at the end of the day is knowing I have helped make someone’s life better.”

“I know my efforts are appreciated when I see the smile on their faces, the appreciation in their eyes and the warmth of their hug.”