Senior Transition Program — a testimonial


As an extension of in-home care, Silver Leaf helps seniors’ transition by providing services that make moving and selling your home easy.

 Ben Durant of Transition Real Estate ( is a 50+ Senior Real Estate Specialist with extensive experience in helping 50+ buyers and sellers and is an important part of the team. Ben and Silver Leaf provides consulting, staging and organizing, inventory, contractor management services and then will sell your house to make your transition easy.

Here is Ben describing his relationship with Silver Leaf:

Ben Durant, Founder
Transition Real Estate (affiliated with Keller Williams Realty)

How did you find out about Silver Leaf?

Silver Leaf came to me when one of their clients passed away. The family needed help getting their mother’s house ready for sale. I knew Patty because we’re both members of the Vermont Elder Resource Group. We’re familiar with each other’s services, and we operate in a synergistic way. We tend to go above and beyond for our clients.

Tell us about yourself and your business

All my life I’ve had a connection with older people, starting with my close relationship with my grandparents. I had a paper route

and liked to take a few minutes to chat with my older customers. They need to be listened to they’re full of life stories and wisdom. I also studied Historic Preservation at UVM so I’m drawn to the older, period homes in Vermont. I knew I wanted work that lets me fulfill a purpose, that’s about more than just making a dollar. A few years ago I founded Transition Real Estate. We help seniors and their families downsize and/or manage the sale of their family homes. This seems to be my calling.

Jacci Alder of Silver Leaf works with Ben Durant to stage a home for sale.

What did Silver Leaf ask you to do for their client’s family?

Patty knew the family needed someone they could trust to handle the house sale. A lot of memories and emotions tied up in it, which were both quite sensitive to working with baby boomers and seniors. The house and its contents were true examples of mid-century modern design. But in order to show it at is best, we needed to do some de-cluttering, deep cleaning, rearranging the furniture, and staging the home. The home is in the South End of Burlington, and we wanted to be sure it sold for a price that reflected its character.

What was the Silver Leaf team’s role on this project?

Patty offers estate services to her client upon request, and she calls in a top-notch crew. They definitely exceeded my expectations in every way – they were thorough, efficient, and took great care with the valuable contents of the home. At one point, they were down on their knees scrubbing, the old-fashioned way. Patty was on site evenings and weekends to help us finish in time for the Open House. They don’t take a commission, just charge by the hour. I know they spent more time than they charged for. Also, Patty had developed a wonderful rapport with the owner’s adult son for the past 3 years, becoming a family friend.

Contact info: Ben Durant – 802-355-6688

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