Silver Leaf has been offering estate organization services by request since the year 2000. We see this as an extension of the in-home care we provide, and another way for us to ease the transition for families and clients. This can include a range of services:

  • Transportation for a client to/from a local or distant nursing facility
  • Inventory and sale of antiques, furnishings, and valuables
  • Home cleaning, repairs, and renovations
  • Management of property when it’s offered for sale
  • Liaison with estate trustees

Managing Property and Possessions

When one of our clients moves out of their home, it can be challenging for their family to manage the sorting, packaging, and handling of the property. This is especially true for family members living out of state. In a situation where a person has lived in their home 40 or 50 years, or there are a number of antiques and collectibles, it can be hard for clients or their families to know where to begin managing the transition. We are here to help.

“Living abroad posed a daunting task in my need to deal with all of the issues concerning my parents’ estate. Silver Leaf, with their superlative skill set, was the answer to solving my dilemma. Their numerous local contacts and sense of the do’s and don’ts presented me with options that helped me through a difficult time. Silver Leaf’s approach was professional, smart and dignified.”

— Peter L., St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands, son of client

The Silver Leaf Estate Management team will inventory and catalog household possessions from attic to basement. We work with the reputable local antique dealers, as well as jewelry and art appraisers. We make certain that the family has a chance to select items they wish to keep and we arrange shipping to them if needed. We work with appropriate professionals to ensure maximum proceeds for the family, if and when the time comes for an estate sale.

We can recommend a realtor, prepare the property for sale or make other arrangements, in accordance with family wishes. Our team is available to provide comprehensive transitional assistance throughout the entire process.

Estate Organization Services include:

  • Estate sales
  • Garage sales
  • Consignment shop deliveries
  • Hiring and supervising house cleaners/ organizers
  • Hiring contractors for home repairs/painting/renovations
  • Shipping furniture, heirlooms to out of state family members
  • Working with trustees or estate lawyers
  • Selecting a local realtor
  • Liaison with the realtor for house showings