For older Americans, home is a familiar environment that holds many warm memories. It provides a sense of security and belonging, while also preserving a level of independence, privacy and mobility. Study after study has shown the benefits of helping seniors live out their days in a home setting.

“AARP has long supported older adults’ desire to age in place, whether this means to grow old in the home where one raised children or in another non-institutional setting in the community. During a lifetime, people develop connections to place and form relationships with neighbors, doctors, hairdressers and shopkeepers. They become intimately familiar with the route to downtown, the rhythm of summer concerts at the band shell park, the best places to get a coveted burger and personalized greeting. These associations, of value to both the individual and the community, cannot be quickly or easily replicated in a new environment. In essence, they can play a pivotal role in successful aging.”

Aging in Place: A State Survey of Livability Policies and Practices – AARP Report, December 2011

When faced with life-altering decisions, it is no wonder that many elderly people are determined to remain at home. At Silver Leaf, we understand how important this option can be for physical and mental well-being. As a smaller company, we can tailor care from a few hours a week to 24-hour overnight coverage with a single caregiver – whatever the client needs.

We help with day-to-day tasks like bathing, shaving and dressing, meals carefully prepared to the client’s dietary needs and personal taste, exercise and fresh air, and the benefit of caring companionship. As a result of our services, our clients and their families enjoy a strong sense of well being, stability, consistency and peace of mind.

Regular Client Visits

Silver Leaf owner Patty Bergeron makes regular site visits to meet with aging clients and caregivers. She stays in touch with family members to be sure everything is going well. Our caregivers are exceptionally reliable, so substitutes are seldom required. However, Patty has substitute caregivers on call, and she will only send a trained, familiar caregiver to fill in. Clients especially appreciate this personalized service.

We also provide support functions like transportation to doctor’s appointments or help planning or hosting important social events such as birthday parties, reunions and other family occasions. Our staff is able to ensure a sustainable lifestyle for senior clients who find they need professional assistance in order to continue living at home.

Also, in these days of spiraling costs at full-time residential care facilities, it may be that an in-home care provider can be less costly than other solutions. Silver Leaf’s sole focus is on allowing our clients to experience the joys of living in their own homes while meeting their basic needs and providing a sense of security, well-being and peace of mind. Our clients enjoy real mobility and flexibility in their schedules. They are able to remain connected and engaged with their families and communities, even as their physical health declines.