No matter when or who it strikes, Alzheimer’s disease is a heart-breaking illness. Families must stand by and watch the parent or grandparent they know and love become someone they don’t recognize. They may become rude and demanding or express irrational fears. Such personality changes, erratic behavior, and resistance to accepting help from newcomers present significant challenges for families and caregivers. All this can make it difficult for a person with memory loss to remain at home.

A Gradual Approach

Silver Leaf In-Home Care has years of experience and success helping such clients, and we follow an established protocol for new clients who require Alzheimer’s and dementia care. In many cases, a person does not feel they need any help and will resist the idea of having a caregiver coming into their home. As the owner of Silver Leaf, I will always meet with a family member for their suggestions on how to approach their loved one before I go in to meet them. I will usually introduce myself as a friend of their daughter or son and visit with them for awhile. When I leave I ask if I may come back and visit again and bring a friend and they usually agree. We approach the help and care very gradually until they feel comfortable seeing the caregiver every day.

A Sense of Control

For someone with memory loss to be able to remain in their home with their familiar surroundings is comforting and reassuring to them. It is important for my caregivers to build a trusting and meaningful relationship with them and to treat them as an individual and a friend. Doing activities with them, listening to their life stories and going through family photos are just a few activities that help to enhance their quality of life. My caregivers know they need to help this person feel safe and secure in their environment, while still giving them the opportunity to make choices and have a sense of control with their lives.

Home Safety Assessment

In addition to daily help with bathing, grooming, meals, transportation and other routine activities, we can perform a home safety assessment to be sure our clients are safe and secure at all times. We might recommend modifications that allow the client freedom of movement within their home, yet prevent outdoor wandering or nighttime escapes. Securing entry doors, stairways and windows can often be accomplished easily at a low cost.