Healthy, delicious meals are such an important part of our daily ritual. They provide comfort as well as nutrition. Favorite foods can stir up happy memories of family dinners or weekend breakfasts. Silver Leaf believes our clients should eat meals they enjoy, prepared the way they like. Our caregivers take pleasure in putting a nice meal on the table, even if it’s a simple soup and sandwich.

Silver Leaf owner, Patty Bergeron has a commercial kitchen and is an experienced chef.  She will discuss in detail with you what foods and recipes you enjoy, foods you don’t like, allergies, goals related to eating such as losing weight or eating healthier.  She trains caregivers in safe food handling, and ensures they will make delicious meals to your liking.

Mealtime Companionship

Silver Leaf requires caregivers to bring their own meals to clients’ homes. We find this works best for both parties – not only is it fair financially, but clients don’t have to worry if their caregiver likes the same food they do. On occasion clients may invite caregivers to share their prepared meal, and that is fine. More importantly, our caregivers will often sit down to meals with their clients, knowing that companionship is what matters most.

Patty Bergeron is one of the best friends a person could ever have. She has helped with many things. She is very sweet and is always ready to do anything for me. She has also done a lot of baking for me. She makes superb pies.

Jeanette G., Winooski, VT, client

Fresh, local food

We will shop for weekly groceries with you or for you, at your favorite stores. We look for fresh, locally-grown ingredients whenever possible. Even without special dietary restrictions, we generally prepare meals that are lower in sodium and sugar.

Variety is important. We are always trying out recipes and do our best to offer new items on the menu on a regular basis.

Special Diets

If your doctor requires any dietary recommendations for you, or if you follow a personal food regimen, we will develop a meal plan to accommodate your needs.

  • Portion Controlled Meals
  • Low Sodium Meals
  • Diabetic-Friendly Meals
  • Low-Carb Meals
  • Organic Meals
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Heart-Healthy Meals
  • Renal Diet Meal
  • Dialysis-Friendly Meals

Special Occasions

We love parties! Many of our clients like to entertain family and friends, or have a special occasion to celebrate. Silver Leaf works with clients to plan, prepare, and serve delicious hors d’oeuvres, drinks, dinner, barbeques, and of course, desserts! Patty is famous for her decorated cheesecakes, and loves providing this personal touch for her clients and their loved ones.

Silver Leaf Meal Service includes:

  • Weekly meal planning
  • Managing food budget
  • Grocery shopping
  • Learning clients’ favorite recipes
  • Prep and training of caregivers
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks
  • Variety in menus
  • Cooking for visitors/Special occasions