Silver Leaf Accompanied Travel Services


After decades of serving Vermont seniors and their families, local business owner, Patty Bergeron’s business, Silver Leaf In-home Care is not only still growing but is also expanding into new territory.

In response to increased demand for requests for travel companion services, she is branching out. Her new program, Silver Leaf Accompanied Travel, offers travel companionship to those who’d like to have someone help them organize their trip and travel with them. Whether clients are planning a day trip, a weekend getaway, a family reunion or a bucket-list vacation, Silver Leaf Accompanied Travel is there to help plan and accompany them on their trip.

This new service is unique in Vermont – no other company in the state offers this travel companion opportunity.

With Vermont’s growing population of active seniors, in turn, accompanied travel is growing in demand. Many seniors want to continue to travel but may need an extra hand to do so – and some may simply prefer not to travel alone. Some are “snowbirds” who’d like company as they travel south (and back north again in the spring), some are folks who want to attend a family wedding or reunion, who may need a bit of help with organizing the trip or an extra hand with luggage and logistics. Others may be couples or siblings or friends who want to take a vacation together, but don’t want the hassle of making all the arrangements and handling all the details, and would like someone to go along who can handle that and any other issues that arise on the trip.

Silver Leaf Accompanied Travel is now available to help with making trip arrangements and handling other travel details and accompanying those who want companionship on their trip. For more information, please call Patty at 802-355-3790.

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