Speaking of Swings… Let’s talk front porch swings!


July 28, 2020

Since the arrival of Covid-19, most of us have taken to spending time alone in new ways as well as socializing differently. Many of us find we socialize less frequently, and when we do get together with others, we often choose to meet outdoors and in smaller groups. I, and many people I have talked to, enjoy spending time outside on a shady front porch, for example.

Some tell me that their porch swings and porch rockers have seen more use in the past couple of months than they have in several years combined! On the front porch, we can sit alone and read a book, write poetry, or paint our toenails bright colors. From the porch, we can wave to neighbors strolling by, jogging by, walking by with their kids or their dogs, all from a friendly yet safe distance. We can also invite a small number of people join us – properly distanced and masked, of course – on the porch in the shade, each person bringing their own beverages and snacks to enjoy in one another’s company.

It is with this front porch lifestyle in mind, I wanted to share a fun article I saw recently in the Vermont Maturity Magazine that offers hints and suggestions for making the most of the space on a porch, as well as suggestions on furniture and decorations and plants for the porch, called “Creating the Perfect Porch Oasis.” I include a link to it here for you to enjoy. https://vermontmaturity.com/home-garden/creating-the-perfect-porch-oasis/

Stay safe and keep well!
The Caregiving Team at Silver Leaf In-Home Care


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