Telehealth Appointments for Seniors: Pros and Cons and Tips


Telehealth for Seniors: Pros and Cons

Many of our usual activities during Covid-10 are being conducted differently now, including doctor visits. To help protect patients from risk of exposure to Covid-19 and other illnesses, most doctors offices are now offering to conduct doctor appointments over the phone or virtually, on the computer, when it is not necessary to hold an in person consultation.

This option comes with both pros and cons.

One advantage to “remote” doctor visits, by phone or over a computer, includes the convenience of talking to your doctor from home, rather than having to take time out of your day go into the office, waiting in the waiting room before seeing the care provider, then traveling back home again. Telehealth appointments can save patients time and effort. When a visit with the doctor does not require being there in person, a consultation by phone can be much more efficient, while still getting good results. A disadvantage to having a doctor visit by phone can be the feeling of being disconnected from your doctor. Some people feel they cannot communicate with their doctor as well when they are not speaking to the doctor face-to-face. However, over time, this disconnected feeling goes away for many people, as they become more accustomed to Telehealth appointments.

I have added a link here to an article, geared toward seniors, regarding how to use Telehealth options and how to make the most of them to meet your needs.

Stay safe and keep well!

Link: Telehealth and Seniors

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