We Go the Extra Mile with “Concierge” Services


Silver Leaf In-Home Care is onto something. In an area with many options for in-home care, they’ve created a wraparound menu of concierge services, literally going the extra mile for clients and their families. They will help a client downsize from a large home, providing cleaning, repairs and estate services. They will accompany clients to major family events such as weddings and graduations, either in-state or a plane ride away.

Silver Leaf owner Patty Bergeron says these extra services are a natural extension of the relationships she and her team develop with clients. “I drove a 92-year-old former client to her granddaughter’s wedding in East Burke,” she says. “We loved catching up during the ride there and back, and her family was able to fully enjoy their day.”


Transportation is just one of the add-on services available through Silver Leaf. They often get requests to help with estate management. For this, Bergeron has a roster of reputable partners and tradespeople she calls on. “Moving an elderly parent out of a beloved home is stressful and emotional,” she says. “Our families know and trust us, and they’re so relieved knowing we can take care of all the details on these overwhelming projects.”


One heart-warming story is about a long-term client of Bergeron’s, Burnett. She helped him celebrate his 100th birthday a few years ago. She baked a special cake and decorated his home for the guests. When the party was over, Burnett confided in her with a concern. “What will happen to Penny when I’m gone?” Penny was his beloved white standard poodle. Bergeron decided on the spot that she would take Penny when the time came. Her client passed away just a few weeks later, content knowing his best friend would be in good hands.

Contact Patty at (802) 355-3790 to learn more about how Silver Leaf can make caring for your loved ones easier. You can also read about Estate Management here.

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